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How To Clear Your Mind With This 5 Minute Crystal Technique

Updated: May 27, 2021

Two crystal points along with two pink tumblestones on blue backround

There are a huge number of reasons why the mind gets in a muddle. These include tiredness, stress, grief, physiological issues that affect the brain as well as mental illness to name but a few. When you can't think straight, this makes day to day things difficult. If you feel this way often, see your doctor or get other professional help (there are some useful links at the bottom of this page). Otherwise, read on.

Graphic of tangled thoughts = tangled energy

When thoughts are disrupted it will also be seen in the energy field, particularly around the head. These effects may be associated with, have caused, or are caused by, muddled thinking. It can be tricky to sort out what came first. In view of this, it is useful to be practical so a basic working premise is: tangled thoughts = tangled energy.

So, what can help? If I find myself or my clients in this sort of situation, my go to solution is something based on a technique that I learnt during my Crystal Healing Diploma. This was known as "Brain Balancing" because it aimed to balance the right and left hemispheres (see infographic below). I use a modified version of this technique as it is a useful and quick way to clear tangled energy. It is also something that can easily be done at home with no prior experience. Before you begin, find yourself two crystals. Points are good but you can also use tumble stones in exactly the same way. I usually try and match the stones in for size but it is not the end of the world if one is larger than the other. If you are wondering if any one crystal is better than another, the answer is no! Just use what you are drawn towards. When it comes to crystals, you will always have exactly what you need at any given time. Time wise, this is typically takes around five minutes. It may take a bit longer initially because all new things do. Guidelines for this are listed below.


How to Clear Your Mind Using Two Crystals

Line diagram of woman holding a crystal in her hand
  1. Find somewhere quiet and comfortable to sit with the two crystals, one in each hand.

  2. Take a moment to be present and centred. Set your intent that any energy released is transmuted.

  3. If using points: hold the first crystal in one hand with the point down (towards the finger tips). Hold the second crystal in the other hand with the point up (towards the heel of the hand). Check if the crystals feel ‘right’ in your hand. If not, change orientation either by altering which point faces in which direction or by holding both crystals with the tips facing the same way. If using tumble stones, hold one in each hand, checking to see that it feels ‘right’ and twiddling with the placement until it does.

  4. Then, place the right hand on the right temple, preferably with the point directed backwards. Place the left hand on the left temple, preferably with the point facing forwards. If using tumble stones, simply hold them in postion.

  5. Following this either:

    • Move your hands outwards and away from your head, gently pulling the crystals away from your temples. You may notice the left and right side feel different. Bring your hands back to both temples and repeat. Continue doing this, either one side at a time or both together until both sides feel equal and the energy feels lighter. If you are used to working with crystals, you may notice that they want to move differently. If so, go with the flow and allow this to happen.

    • Alternatively, rest your hands on either temple with the intent of clearing tangled energy. Take note of any sensations, hold your focus for the next 3 to 5 minutes or until you feel calm, whichever comes first

At the end of this activity, make sure that you are in your body. Following this, clear your crystals and allow them to rest (see previous blogs for ideas on how to do this). This process can be repeated as often as needed to clear tangled energy. You can achieve a lot with a couple of crystals and a little bit of time.

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Infographic on left and right brain function


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