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Crystals 101: How To Mend a Broken Crystal.

Broken crystal

Every so often, a crystal breaks. In my case it is, usually, down to accidental damage after being dropped by me. Sometimes, it breaks because there are internal faults present that make the whole crystalline structure unstable.

When I originally trained as a crystal healer, if a crystal broke, it was thought to be due to the energy of the session. Therefore, the affected crystal was considered to be un-useable in the future. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am a bit of a perfectionist about objects and I do like things to be perfect. It never occurred to me that perhaps a crystal could be fixed and could still work! The change happened a few years after training when I had dropped a large crystal and it had split into several parts.

Smokey Quartz
The first crystal repair!

I was devastated, partly because I loved the crystal and partly because of the healing power and the impossibility of replacing it! I showed it to my husband (Nick) who said “I can fix it!” He went on to do exactly that - and it worked as well as it did before, even though it had some battle scars!

Fast forward twenty years and we now have a bit more of a process if a crystal breaks. This happened on Friday when a pink calcite crystal I was holding while working, suddenly broke in half (see picture above). For me, that’s unusual because if I do break something it is mostly because I have dropped it or banged it against something else. I thought I probably was not the only person to accidentally break a crystal. So, here’s what I do if a crystal breaks!

My Process

1. Put all the parts that I can find together in a safe place.

2. Then, I will find out why the crystal broke. I usually just ask the crystal but dowsing works just as well. I will check the following things:-

a. Was the crystal overworked?

b. Was the energy we were working with not right for the crystal?

c. Did it break because of an internal fault?

d. Was it just me being clumsy? 99.9% of the time, the answer is d!

3. Finally, I will ask the crystal if it wants to be mended or if it wants to retire. To date, I have never had a crystal that did not want to be up and running again. If I did, I would establish where it wanted to be (in the house or garden) and leave it there peacefully. If it wants to be mended, then it is over to Nick for the restoration process.

Nicks Repair Process

What you will need: Two-part epoxy glue (Nick uses Araldite), masking tape, scalpel or knife, fine grade emery cloth or sandpaper, broken crystal (with all the bits you can find).

Health & Safety

1. Please note: sharp objects and chemicals should be used with care as there are a number of hazards to be mindful of. Please take a moment to assess and manage the risks before beginning, following the manufacturers guidelines.

2. Following this, Nick spends a bit of time working out which parts of the crystal fit together and where they should be.

3. Then he mixes the two-part epoxy together – mixing enough to complete the task.

4. The parts are patiently glued back together. If there are multiple breaks, do this step by step, joining one or two pieces at a time. Secure each part with tape as you work until the whole thing is complete. Remove any excess glue as you go.

5. Let the glue set – use the manufacturers instructions for guidance on times.

6. When set, carefully remove the tape.

7. Remove excess dried glue with a knife – Nick usually uses a scalpel. Any sharp edges can be removed by gently sanding, using fine grade sandpaper, avoiding the surface of the crystal.

8. If the crystal can cope with water, a damp cloth is used to clean any residue.

9. Nick checks all is well and hands the crystal back to me.

Repaired crystal
The final result

Once mended, I usually place the crystal somewhere to rest a while and recuperate. It will let me know when it is ready to work again.

So, if like me you felt that broken crystals were no longer to be worked with, just ask the crystal. It is surprising what can be restored and it will be energetically as functional, even though it may look a little bit less than perfect!

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