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Three Top Tips to Turbocharge your Energy

Much as I love Christmas and the subsequent festivities, all of the effort needed to make this happen can be quite exhausting. There are many potential factors that contribute to lack of energy but being very practical, it is handy to be able to recharge your energy quickly. You can always work out what caused you to feel depleted once you have the energy to care! Here then are three quick ways to turbocharge your energy using crystals, colour breathing or visualisation. Any of these methods work so just go with what appeals to you most.

Crystal Turbo

crystal healing graphic

You will need 2 crystal points or tumble stones. Any type will work. Then find yourself a quiet place where you can relax for 10 minutes while you do this activity.

  1. Take a moment to notice where you feel exhaustion in your body.

  2. Hold one crystal in each hand and place your hands over where you feel the fatigue is sitting.

  3. Then give yourself permission to release anything that is energetically anchoring this into your energy field. Using both crystals help release this anchor from you, by gently moving the crystals away from your body with both hands. Repeat several times. You may feel some odd sensations doing this, but keep going, it is just energy moving. Ask the upstairs crew to transmute any energy released. Once you feel that this is done, move on to step 4.

  4. Intentionally ask the crystals to help you re-energise. You may notice a buzzing sensation in your hands or body or simply a feeling of calm. You can relax at this point and you do not need to do anything other than hold the crystals in approximately the right position. Five to ten minutes of this will make a difference. Ideally, 15 to 20 minutes will really help replenish and rebuild energy.

  5. After this, thank the upstairs crew and look after the crystals by appreciating their help, cleansing, recharging and resting them until the next time. See other blogs for tips on how to do this.

Colour Turbo

Colour graphic

This technique is really straightforward as it only requires time and a peaceful place to work from. Once you are ready begin:-

  1. Take a moment to notice how you feel, paying attention to your energy levels. Acknowledge this and just notice the tiredness.

  2. Allow yourself to know what colour you need to flush the tiredness from your body. Then, following your normal pattern of breathing, just visualise breathing in that colour, see that washing through all parts of yourself, gradually filling the whole of you with that light. Within a surprisingly short space of time, you will find that this is done. Consciously release that colour.

  3. Allow yourself now to think about what colour you really need to help ‘recharge’ your energy field. This will usually be a pretty quick response and it is important to go with the first colour you see.

  4. Then do the same as before, following your normal pattern of breathing, just visualise breathing in that colour, see that washing through all parts of yourself, gradually filling the whole of you with that light. Take a moment to notice the revitalising effect of this whilst at the same time, allowing this to take place. Continue doing this until you feel that it is done, then consciously release this colour. Ensure that you are centered, in your body and alert.

Visualisation Turbo

Visualisation graphic

As a general rule of thumb, if I use a visualisation technique, it is intended to be done mindfully (ie, fully alert) and fairly speedily, as I haven’t got all day (people to see, places to go) it needs to fit in with our modern lives. This visualisation technique can be done in as little as 10 and no more than 20 minutes.

Once again, find yourself a peaceful place to be, where you can relax for the period of time that you have available.

  1. Centre your energy (call all parts of you into alignment).

  2. Ask the ‘Beings of Light’ (AKA the ‘Upstairs Crew’) that work with you to be present.

  3. Intentionally place yourself in a protective field of energy.

  4. Focus on being present for a moment, noticing the rhythm of the breath, entering and leaving the body, observing the physicality of being present.

  5. Be aware of a gateway forming just ahead of you, opening up to a place that you recognise but can’t quite place. Knowing that the ‘Light Beings’ are with you, when you are ready, visualise stepping forward into that space.

  6. Take a moment to acclimatise and perhaps recognise this space, a place where you can come to heal and recharge. In the very centre of this is a place to sit so find yourself sitting there now.

  7. Be aware of the energy of this space and know that while you are there, it is actively recalibrating your energy on many levels and replacing what was lost or damaged with a powerful, nurturing and vitalising force. This will be completed very rapidly. You can check with the ‘Light Beings’ and see when this is done.

  8. Once completed, you will see this space dissolve and find yourself back in the here and now. Take a moment to make sure that you are present in your body, once again noticing your physical self and the rhythm of the breath entering and leaving the body.

  9. Take a moment to acknowledge the ‘Beings of Light’ working with you, thank them and see if there is anything they have to tell you before continuing onwards with your day.

So that’s all for now, three top tips for turbocharging the energy field that can be easily done at any time!

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