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Lightbody Healing Session: Services


Multi-Dimensional, Energetic Recalibration  

Lighbody Therapy is a unique form of therapy that works within the Lightbody, the multi-dimensional energetic part of you that holds important information about your soul and other lifetimes. This therapy is designed to remove disharmony and repair the structure of your energy, allowing you to be yourself and do what you came to do. The initial appointment focuses on energetic first aid, with subsequent appointments for further work or energetic maintenance. Clients often experience significant benefits from this therapy, including the ability to reconnect with their spiritual selves. All sessions are currently online via Zoom and can be booked via the links below.

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Initial Session
90 Minutes

Initial assessment and therapy session of 90 minutes. This session is for:

  • New clients

  • Complex issues

  • Energetic first aid 

Cost: GBP 95

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Follow -Up Session 
60 Minutes

Follow up session of 60 minutes. Book this session for:

  • Subsequent appointments after initial assessment

Cost: GBP 70

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