Setting Your Spirit Free!

The Lightbody is the energetic part of you that contains the structure of the energy field and the knowledge of who and what you are. It can be unbalanced and damaged in many different ways which affects your well-being. These sessions are designed to help with this and my clients usually experience a significant postive boost to their wellbeing. The effects are multi-dimensional and in order of need, i.e. sorting out the most important issue first before moving on to the next. It can be used as a form of energetic first aid, however, because of the nature of this type of work, it can also facilitate peoples ability to reconnect with their own spiritual selves, their own wisest teacher.

Available as single sessions or a programme of progressive sessions using the links below. Alternatively, please contact me for further details.  All sessions are currently online via Zoom.

Please note: whilst you are welcome to book a session, due to working commitments,  the first  session availability is  currently mid October 2021

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A one off single session of 60 minutes. Book this session for

  • energetic first aid 

  • energy maintenance 

  • to experience Lightbody Healing


Cost: GBP 65

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1.5 HOUR

A one off single session of 90 minutes. Book this session for

  • issues that are likely to need longer time to clear

  • energetic first aid 

  • energy maintenance for therapists and teachers


Cost: GBP 90

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 6 x 1.5 Hour 

Six interlinked sessions aimed at clearing and balancing the Lightbody at all of its levels. This service is designed to give the Lightbody an energetic makeover at all of its levels. The sessions are interlinked and progressively move on to deal with more complex energetic issues. This is aimed at everyone who wants to reboot their system as well as those who are interested in Lightbody Healing but do not have the time to learn it for themselves


Cost: GBP 500