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The Dragon Princess - The incredible story of one womans journey to her own wisdom.

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

By way of a change, I thought I would share something about my work in particular, how people develop.

Before we get to that part however, I should just explain that when I am working, I can see the energetic structure of a person and therefore any problems that they have with their energy field. This applies to current time as well as alternate times and spaces. This enables me to repair the energy field, in particular the Lightbody. It is tricky to quantify the effect that this has, but to summarise, people become more of themselves, are more able to access their own wisdom and do the things that are meant for them. What is fascinating for me to observe is the sheer breadth of people’s talents with each person being totally different from another.

A good example of this is Sanae Sambongi, a Japanese Woman who lives in the north of Japan. She has given me her permission to share her incredible story with you.

About 12 months ago I was carrying out a Lightbody session on Zoom for Sanae along with her teacher Fumi Finch, who was translating. During these sessions, it is not uncommon for me to see different scenarios and in this case, I was shown a very out of the ordinary Sanae. She was dressed in dark cotton trousers and tunic that belonged to a past time in Japanese history. On her back was a scabbard containing a short broad sword, with another sword held in her left hand. She was on one knee with her back to me, looking intently at what was below her, a view of the Earth as seen from space. From this vantage point she could see in every direction. Facing outwards from her in a circle were a number of large, white Dragons, apparently acting as a protective shield, whilst also observing the world as intently as she was.

I recognised these beings as planetary guardians which is what they were actively engaged in as I observed them. I was given the information that they had been waiting for Sanea to return to her role of the Dragon Princess. This was an ancient role and was hers because she was the person who carried the ’soul keys’and wisdom to work in this way, alongside the very ancient and wise planetary healers. Their mission was to maintain the energy integrity of the Earth and Sanae was the physical representation of this role. The only one of her kind.

In that moment, I was asked to remind her of who and what she was. To be truthful, she was a bit surprised! However, because we had been working together for some time, she also trusted what I said and I was able to help her to see how this worked. Effectively, she has the ability to channel the energy of these planetary keepers through her physical being to heal the Earth in unexpected ways. Since that time, I have seen Sanae and these planetary keepers work together to help with potential and actual disasters and mitigate effects.

Hers is a very unique role and one she is learning more about every day. She is though, a classic example of someone becoming more of themselves. I am very pleased to say that Sanae along with the rest of Fumi’s uniquely talented team are now part of Fumi's fabulous new spiritual school in Japan (of which more in future blogs). You can click on the link below to see a picture of Sanae, Fumi and team on their Japanese website.

For me, this is the joy of my work, seeing other people do their thing. My role is to facilitate this process, making sure that they are able to connect with the wisdom of themselves.

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Click here to see the Japanese Teachers - Sanae is the one in the snow!


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