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The Really Useful Crystal Kit!

You only need a little to do a lot

Crystal points and tumble stones

If you follow me, you will have noticed that I do have a lot of crystals. Initially, this began because I trained as a crystal healer and the course involved learning specific crystal layouts to do a particular type of healing role. I purchased a lot of crystals whilst I was studying. I went on to teach the Crystal Healing Diploma (for a couple of years) and I wanted to source good quality crystals for people to either borrow or buy from me. Hence the collection increased to where it is now. Fast forward twenty years and I work very differently with crystals. As it happens, I do work with everything I have in one way or another. I also get shown things by these crystals which is mostly about keeping it simple! So if I was starting all over again, wanting to use crystals in different ways, what would I really need? Listed below are what I would suggest.

To start:

  • Two quartz crystal points (any size)

  • OR two quartz tumble stones.

Thankfully, you do not need a lot of stones to consciously work with crystals. Quartz is the most useful crystal to start with as it is widely available. Quartz is either clear or coloured, with coloured quartz generally being more expensive. As a general rule of thumb, I would go for clear quartz initially. Tumble stones are relatively inexpensive so this is also a good place to start. If you prefer to work with crystal points, begin with something small and go with the first thing that catches your eye. Keep in mind that price does not equal effectiveness - some of my most useful crystals are very plain looking and were very cheap (see previous blog, ‘Bright & Flashy vs Plain But Sassy’).

With two crystals you can heal yourself in many different ways. This includes simply holding the crystals, placing them on the body or using one crystal to send energy in and the other to take energy out! You can also work with these crystals to help maintain your energy field, to enhance your meditation and visualisation or as a simple mindfulness focus.

To add later - (if you find yourself doing a lot of work with crystals):

  • Two more quartz points

  • Twelve tumble stones

This gives you some additional options. You can place crystals on energy / chakra points to help with clearing and balancing energy. You can also enhance this by using other crystals to send energy in and out. Another interesting thing to try is to sit amongst the crystals. Simply place the tumble stones on the ground, leaving a space large enough to sit down in, then sit in that space for between 10 and twenty minutes. This is particularly useful for a quick bit of self healing or for a rapid recharge.

Finally, If you want to work with crystal grids you will need:

  • Eight more quartz crystals (making a total of twelve)

  • A further twelve tumble stones

These additional crystals give you the option to try out most of the major types of grids. Principally, this means crystals placed around the body at certain points. Here, you can utilise crystal points and tumble stones, placing the crystals instinctively. You may also want to try more formal grids, designed for a specific type of healing purpose. In addition to healing people, grids can also be used in different ways including meditation, and other types of healing.

These crystals are actually all you really need to get going when working with crystals. If this is what you are drawn towards you will find that you accumulate other stones as time goes on. Check out my other blogs for tips of some healing activities that can be done with two crystals. I will be running some online classes covering various things to do with crystal healing so look out for news of these soon. In the meantime, you can accomplish amazing things with just two crystals, so why not give it a try!

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