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The Problem With 3 Legged Tables - how being out of your body makes you weaker!

Updated: May 27, 2021

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I first became aware of people having out of body experiences about 25 years ago when I started to look at alternative healing and spiritual practices. At the time I was working as a nurse in the NHS. Amongst the new people I was meeting, an out of body experience was frequently considered to be a good thing, a gateway to accessing other places and realities. In particular, astral travel was thought to be a useful way of exploring. To be frank, at that time, I had no idea what this actually meant. It was really because of this that I did what I normally would when nursing, remained alert, observed what was happening and considered what exactly was going on.

Fast forward to present day where I have noticed this occurring more frequently in the people that I am working with. Initially, they begin to enter a trance like state, losing awareness of what was around them. As this happens, I notice part of their energy leave their body. If this remains unchecked, that part of themselves goes walkabout, tootling off on its own little adventure. This can happen almost instantaneously. Being out of the body (energetically) may occur for many reasons. Some people have trouble being present and therefore have difficulty keeping their energy within their body. The people I am describing here are not like this, but they have all studied with spiritual teachers that routinely went into mind altered states. Therefore, they modelled that behaviour. This was something that they were repeating with their own students and clients. As a general rule of thumb, I would routinely interrupt this state and encourage the person to be present. The reason I do this is because I now know that frequently being out of the body in this way can weaken the energy field.

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So what does happen when part of your energy goes travelling? I will try and describe it as it gets shown to me. The first thing that occurs in the energy field is that it loses both volume and strength. If you were to compare the look, feel and bounciness of a 16 year old persons skin to that of an 80 year old, you can get some idea of this effect. As it loses energy, the elasticity and resilience of the field reduces.

The tootling part of the person that’s off on its travels can make things worse. Where it goes and what it meets on the journey makes a difference. It can be almost neutral, similar to popping around the block to get some exercise. However, if the travelling involves meeting other spirits or being in other dimensions, this can be problematic. The difficulties lay with the fact that not everything is as it appears to be. Sometimes things are unfriendly, sometimes not all the energy comes back and sometimes energy links to another. Overall, this can lead to rips and tears in the energy field, energy being utilised in a negative way, physical tirdness and a general, gradual change in the persons overall wellbeing. One other thing to mention is that a partially vacant energy field can be quite attractive to an un-embodied spirit. This is generally not a good thing. These effects are most often not noticed at the time but can often lead to unpleasant psychic events.

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The more frequently you leave the body, the greater the risk of things not going well. The cumulative effect of all of this is similar to removing a leg on your dining room table and optimistically expecting it to still stand up. It may…, for a while, but it only takes the smallest little nudge for it all to come tumbling down. The problem with a three legged table is that it falls over. So what can you do to prevent this happening to you? Prevention is better than cure so aim to keep yourself strong, making sure that you don't leave part of your energy behind.

Always do your spiritual things mindfully, keeping awareness of what is happening around you. If it feels uncomfortable, stop. It is also useful to develop an awareness of how it feels when you are in the body. This helps you to notice if anything starts to feel different. Tune into yourself regularly and check. If there is a problem, use your intent to ensure that you are aligned, whole and anchored in your body. Alternatively, tapping or stamping your feet on the ground is an active way of bringing energy back into the body quickly. Some crystals such as Obsidian, Smoky Quartz and Tourmaline are also useful for this. Either work with them and consciously bring the energy back into alignment or place by the feet and focus on being present. If you find that you are leaving the body regularly, have a think about what you have been doing lately and consider if that may have contributed to this effect. The human energy field is a remarkable thing that usually copes well with pretty much anything. Provided it remains intact. The problem with a three legged table is that it falls over - luckily, you can choose to keep all four legs of your table firmly screwed in place.

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