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A Stitch in Time to Keep Energy Aligned!

How small actions can make a big difference to wellbeing.

Healing Hands

I have lost count of the number of conversations I have had with other energy practitioners who have acquired the belief that their intent to do good is enough to protect their energy field. This is something that many people (including me) have learned from various courses. The problem with this approach however, is that if something goes awry, people often feel that they have done something wrong. There are many reasons why energy can be affected, including simply being a person living in these times, affected by world events.

Not all energy is helpful. Things that affect us broadly fall into three categories:

  • Energy we have generated ourselves.

  • Energy associated with other people.

  • Energy associated with the environment.

As a general rule of thumb, it is useful to think about energy management in the same way as you would infection control - i.e., endeavour to keep things that don’t belong to you out, whilst keeping that which is yours, in. A good starting point is to be aware of how your energy feels when it is strong as this will enable you to judge the difference if something changes. Generally speaking, if we are ill, or there is some major trauma in our lives, our own energy is affected. This inherently makes the energy field less robust and therefore, more easily affected by other people. This is the time to be a bit more protective of yourself, try and avoid things that you know make you feel drained.

f you are working as an energy healer then your clients (by definition) will have something amiss in their energy field and this can sometimes affect the person healing them. This is the commonest issue I see with my clients who are healers. Like all risks, this can be managed but it does need practical input. I use a healing health and safety protocol for myself and students, a simplified version of which is listed below.

  1. Before you begin working, ensure that you are centered.

  2. Protect your energy integrity.

  3. Always ensure that you have permission from the higher self before you begin working on another person or situation.

  4. Release all ties and energy from the work at the end of the session.

  5. Cleanse everything after use, including you.

The space we live or work in also makes a difference. There are often very subtle influences that we often are aware of at a very deep level. Spaces are affected by the people that use them, by events that happened in them and by environmental influences. Many things can be cleansed and healed, and there are lots of ways that this can be done. A very simple method is to visualise the whole space being cleansed with light. Anything that is released should be transmuted. This will really help with general day to day things although more specialised input may be needed to heal spaces if they have been affected more deeply.

Keeping energy intact and perky should be an ongoing effort and these actions can make a big difference. Remember, a stitch in time to keep energy aligned! If you would like to learn more about this type of thing, look out for my online courses coming soon!

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