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The Magical Mystery of Master Crystals & how to identify them (part three)

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

So far, we have looked at the first six Master Crystals as described by Katrina Raphaell in 1987. A few years after this work was published, Raphaell wrote about some other Master Crystals she had identified. As before, Master Crystals are described as teachers with specific qualities associated with them. In this blog we will look at the first three of these:

  1. The Dow Crystal

  2. The Tantric Twins

  3. The Isis Crystal

The crystals in this blog are all identified by the shape of the faces. By now, these will be easier to recognise as, once you have your eye in, it's easier to see what you are looking for.

Dow Crystal
Dow Crystal

The Dow Crystal

The Dow Crystal is very unusual in that it combines the qualities of the Channelling and Transmitter Crystals (see part 1 for details). It has a very unique form, with all faces being either seven sided or three sided, reflecting the geometric shapes of both Master Crystals but with a specific pattern. To determine if a crystal is a Dow, hold it in your hand so that the first seven sided face is directly in front of you. Then, rotate it, either left or right (but be consistent), to see the next face, which will be three sided. Rotate again, looking at each face as you do so, there will be a seven sided face, then a three, then a seven and finally a three. If you look through its apex at an angle, you may also be able to see a pyramid of light at the tip of the crystal. Raphaell called these Dow Crystals after her colleague Jane Ann Dow, who had brought through original information about these crystals. The numerology of the faces equals three, which Raphaell felt helped any relationship where a trinity was formed (internal and external). In addition, she felt that this helped to bring the light of the “christ consciousness” into physical being. They are still relatively uncommon but are often used for psychic work.

Tantric Twin
Tantric Twin

Tantric Twins Crystal

This formation is one of the easiest to recognise in that there are two crystal points that share the same base. They don't have to be exactly the same size but they do have to have individual terminations. You may notice something a bit special where the two are joined, in that there are often rainbows and other interesting inclusions. These crystals are really about relationships in all senses of the word, from those that we have with ourselves as well as personal and professional. Raphaell felt that there were different stages to reach in creating harmony in relationships, with ourselves, others and our spiritual being. Very commonly, they are thought to be useful to help harmonise relationships with another person. If you are working with them in this way, it is thought to be more helpful if both crystals are similar in size.

Cathedral Lightbrary
Cathedral Lightbrary

Cathedral Lightbrary

If you follow me on Facebook you will have seen me talk about this type of crystal in one of the crystal readings. A Cathedral Lightbrary is a single termination, with a series of what look like steps circulating around the main body, formed by other crystals. Raphaell described these as sometimes forming other clusters within the same matrix. It can be confused with an elestial but it’s not quite the same. Raphaell called this a Cathedral Lightbrary as she felt it combined the purposes of cathedrals (meeting with god) as well as libraries (seeking knowledge). She felt that working with these crystals helped tune into knowledge at many different levels of being. As for their general uses, there are many, but to cut a long story short, these crystals are cnsidered to be useful to access and attune to deeply held wisdom and to connect with source.

In the next blog (and last in this series), we will look at the final three Master Crystals identified, Devic Temples, Time Lines and Isis Crystals. Don’t forget to have a look through the crystals that you have already, as very often you willl notice something new.

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