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The Magical Mystery of Master Crystals & how to identify them (part one)

If you open any book about crystals you will find a section dedicated to crystal formations. Almost always there will be some diagrams that describe some specialist shapes with significant qualities attached to them. The origins of this are to be found in the work of Katrina Raphaell who first described specific quartz formations and collectively called these ‘Master Crystals’. Originally, she named six, later expanding this to twelve. She called them Master Crystals as she felt that they were aligning to a source of light, with specific qualities that “opens the doorways through which entrance into the world of integrated spirit and earth can be experienced” Katrina Raphaell, 1987.

If you follow my crystal readings on Facebook, you will have heard me mention Master Crystals often. So how do you recognise Master Crystals and why has this been so influential in crystal healing? In this series of blogs we will look at how to identify Master Crystals and some of their properties as they were originally described by Raphaell. In part one, we will cover the first three Master Crystals which are:

  • Channelling Crystals

  • Transmitter Crystals

  • Window Crystals

Once seen, these crystals are easily recognised. If you hold a quartz crystal with the point towards you, and look down the length, you will notice it has six sides. To decide if you have a master crystal, you need to look at where all the sides converge to form a point (termination). If you turn your crystal side onwards and turn it around so that the side faces towards you, the shapes of each face as they meet (more or less) at the tip will be visible. For most master crystals, it is the shapes of the faces that identify them.

Channelling Crystals

Chanelling Crystal
Chanelling Crystal showing seven sided face with traiangular sided face just visible by looking through the tip.

A channelling crystal has a combination of two separate shapes. The first thing to look for is a large seven

sided face. If you rotate the crystal through 180º and look at the opposite face, there will be a perfect triangle. These two features together denote this as a channelling crystal. Rapheall felt that the numerology of this was important, as the combination of the number seven and three, facilitated both internal intuition as well as the ability to speak about what you see. This was named a channelling crystal for this reason and widely used for this purpose. Channelling is open to interpretation as it means different things for different people.

Transmitter Crystal

Transmitter Crystal
Transmitter Crystal with trainagular face in centre and a seven sided face to the left and right of these.

These have similar features to channelling crystals but this time, the relationship is slightly different. There will be a small triangular sided face on the crystal. To determine if this is a transmitter crystal, you need to look at what is happening on either side of the triangular face. If you turn the crystal to the left and right, there will be a larger, seven sided face next to that triangular face on either side. In these crystals, Raphaell thought that the numerology represented the blending of our conscious and universal identities and therefore, enabled connection to the universal wisdom to receive knowledge about individual or cosmic issues, depending on intent.

Window Crystals

Windo Crystal
Window Crystal identified by clearly visible window in centre

A window crystal will have an extra diamond shaped window, usually situated between two of the main faces. The tips of the diamond are aligned to each end (see photograph), while the other tips are aligned left and right. Generally, it should be big enough to be considered as the seventh face, and should be positioned so it is in the centre front of the crystal. This is a very specific geometry and not every diamond shape face on a crystal equates to this specific form. If you are unsure about if this is a Master Crystal, it will tell you if you ask it! Of all the crystals described, this is the most uncommon and often is priced accordingly! Rapheall described these crystals as the bridging between the upper and lower worlds, enabling access to the deeper spiritual meaning of physical reality.

In the next blog, we will look at Elestials, Laser Wands and Earth Keepers. In the meantime, those of you with crystals in your collections, take another look and see if you have any of these stashed away, quietly minding their own business, waiting to work with you!

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