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The Magical Mystery of Master Crystals & how to identify them (part four)

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at the concept of Master Crystals as described by Katrina Raphaell, their qualities and how to identify these crystals. This blog looks at the final three Master Crystals:

  1. Devic Temples

  2. Time Link

  3. Isis

Once again these are quartz crystals and it is mostly the geometry of these crystals that helps identify them.

Devic Temple

Devic Temple

This is a really interesting crystal which according to Raphaell, has almost magical properties. She saw this crystal acting as a gateway for Devic beings to enter into our worlds, however, this does require a certain amount of knowledge and skill from the user. They are a bit more difficult to identify as there are no set identifying features that make these easy to recognise. In this instance, you are looking at the outer markings on the crystal as well as the internal inclusions. Here you may notice an impression of another being, clearly defined doors, or perhaps steps within the crystal. These crystals are usually (but not always) single generators, i.e., all the faces join to create a single point on the top of the crystal. Raphaell named these crystals to reflect her thoughts that these crystals provided a temple for the Devas to be temporarily present within. Generally, these crystals are felt to be helpful for inner wisdom, linking with Devic beings and are often placed on an altar.

Time Link

Time Link

This has a very distinct appearance which is easy to recognise once you know what you are looking for. To identify a Time Link Crystal, look at the main faces. As you rotate the crystal (either left or right) you will notice one or more parallelograms present. Sometimes these can be very large, almost as if the crystal has a seventh face. These can tilt to the left or the right, each with different significance. Cutting a long story short, if the tilt is to the left, it helps to access ‘past times’, whereas if it faces to the right it can help access the ‘future’. You may find examples of both within the same crystal. Raphaell felt that time was not linear and was therefore accessible. This is useful if the routes of an issue sit in different dimensional spaces. As a general rule of thumb, these crystals are utilised in healing and meditation to help clear past life wounds and in some instances, future issues.



Once again, this crystal is identified through the geometric shape on the main faces of the crystal. An Isis crystal will have a five sided, very distinct shaped face. This has a flat base with two angled sides sloping upwards. These will then stop at approximately the same height, change direction and slope inwards to meet at a point, which ends above the approximate centre of the base line. Raphaell describes this as being present on the main face of the crystal, facing forwards. Commonly, a crystal would be thought of as an Isis if it has this geoemetry present on any aspect of the crystal. Raphaell had meditated and studied ancient Egyptian Temples and aligned with these energies from which she felt she gained ancient wisdom. The crystal is named after the Egyption deity of Isis. Raphaell described this crystal as a “healing balm”, helping with strength and self healing. It is widely considered to be useful in activating the ‘Devine Feminine’ and is often called the Goddess Crystal.

This series of blogs reflects the work of Katrina Raphaell and my training as a Crystal Healing Practitioner and Teacher. However, as you know, I actually work very differently now. so look out for some more information about how I will be expanding and developing new work and courses which I look forward to sharing in 2022!

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