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Keeping Crystals Healthy in 3 Easy Steps

Updated: May 27, 2021

Quartz and Amethyst crystal point in garden

If you are reading this then the chances are you already have some crystals in the house. There is a definite knack to keeping crystals healthy but it is actually very simple to achieve. The benefits to caring for your crystals are immense as with a bit of effort, the crystal will remain energetic and clear. As mentioned in previous blog, there are many uses for crystals. Even if a crystal is simply a fabulously natural and decorative item in the home - it still needs care. Here are 3 simple steps to keeping crystals healthy.

  1. Cleanse regularly

  2. Recharge after working

  3. Rest when needed


Crystals arrive with us by many different routes. Almost always the process begins with mining which in itself, can be an energetically depleting activity. Following this, crystals will have been processed, physically cleaned up, sorted into lots, transported thousands of miles and will have passed through several pairs of hands before finally arriving at their destination. The energy of this can be very disruptive and may accumulate in the crystal. Because of this, it is very important that all crystals are cleansed when they first come to you. It is worth mentioning that some crystals are commonly described as self cleansing. Most often these will be listed as Smoky Quartz, Kyanite, Citrine, Carnelian and Amethyst. It just so happens that I am able to see the enery of a crystal and in my experience, there are no self cleansing crystals! I would recommend cleansing for all of your crystals, including crystal jewellery.

Cleansing can be done in many ways. It is useful to be really thorough when a crystal first arrives. A commonly used method for cleansing crystals is to immerse in a solution of salt water with a little cider vinegar added. This is best suited for hard crystals such as quartz, softer crystals will be damaged by this method.

Salt crystals with wooden spoon, bowl and polished stones

Alternatively, place the crystal in a bowl, add enough dry sea salt to cover the crystal and leave overnight. The following morning, throw away the salt, rinse the crystals in clear water and dry. If your crystal is too large to be submerged, you can spray it with your salt water solution or wash it under running water. After this initial cleansing process, crystals can be cleansed in other ways including;

  • Smudging' with burning herbs or incense

  • Breath cleansing with white light

  • Visualisation

  • Placing crystals upon an amethyst cluster

  • Using rain, new snow, and uncontaminated sea water to wash the crystal

  • Placing in a bowl of lavender

  • Spraying with cleansing essences

Personally, I always wash a crystal under running water when it arrives . If its likely to be affected by water, this is done rapidly! Thereafter, I mostly use water and / or my own cleansing method to cleanse my crystals (purifying energetically to return to original, pure state). Cleansing the crystal after you have worked with it will help keep the energy clear.


As well as cleansing, try and recharge your crystal after use. This should also be done when a crystal first comes to you.

A very good method is to leave crystals in the sunlight either on a sunny window sill or out in the garden if it’s safe to do so. Moonlight - particularly the light of the full moon is another useful option. If time allows, you can include both sun and moon simply by placing the crystal in a light filled area for 24hours. I have been known to place some crystals outside in heavy thunderstorms because the crystals need the dynamic energy a storm creates. If you happen to have a crystal cluster, placing crystals on top of this can be a useful method of recharging. However, bear in mind that the crystal cluster will also need to be cared for in the same way as other crystals. So how long should you recharge the crystal for? At least 24 hrs if possible and longer if it’s been working with you on something very demanding. When it’s fully ready, it will look bright and zingy and feel lively and vibrant when you hold it.


Think about resting your crystal in the same way as you would for yourself. You need rest to recover your energy and so too does the crystal. Usually, the recharging process will provide enough down time for your crystal to regain any energy lost.

On occasion though, crystals, especially pendulums, can become very tired through overwork. You may notice that the pendulum will not respond too well, or the crystal will feel tired and heavy. Sometimes a crystal appears to lose some of their light and colour. This is a very clear indicator that the crystal needs to stop working altogether to recover energy by resting. In this instance, it is helpful to place them in the nature. If they are not likely to be damaged by water, put them in the garden, under trees, bushes or flowers. Larger specimen can also be buried in the Earth although I wouldn’t normally do this. If you don’t have a garden, you can also bury the crystal under dried lavender, potpourri and even your potted plants. If this is bit tricky, wrap the crystal in a clean, soft cloth then place the bundle in the bottom of a dark cupboard. If the crystals are resting, leave it for a minimum of one week before working with it again. It may need up to a month before it’s ready to roll - if in doubt, leave it for a bit longer or dowse and see how long it needs. Very occasionally you will find that the crystal needs to retire. If this is the case, be thankful for its journey with you, find a spot that feels peaceful, place it there and simply let it be. Cleansing, recharging and resting can help maintain a working crystal for as many years as it is needed.These three easy steps will help ensure that your crystals are in the optimum state, ready to help you in very many different ways.

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