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How to Choose the Perfect Crystal in 5 Easy Steps

Updated: May 27, 2021

Quartz crystals on a large Amethyst cluster

There are so many beautiful crystals in the world it can be very difficult to decide exactly which one to buy. Here are 5 easy steps to help you find your perfect crystal.

Step 1: Consider why you want the crystal. There are a multitude of things that crystals can help with including healing (humans, plants, animals and planet), meditation, dowsing, manifestation, keeping things fresh, cleansing spaces, charging essences of oil and water, balancing environmental energies, minimising electromagnetic pollution from electrical equipment, dream awareness , physic protection, and many other things. So, do you need a crystal for a specific purpose or a multitasker?

Two smoky Quartz

Step 2: Think about a budget. This is something that’s best decided before you start looking as costs can very easily can spiral upwards. When it comes to buying crystals, there are many things that influence the price, including trends, rarity, type of mineral, it’s shape, size and form as well as who you are buying it from. You don’t need to flash the cash to buy your perfect crystal as cost does not relate to effectiveness. The photograph shows two similar sized crystals with the one on the left being 10 times more expensive than the one on the right - however I work with them in exactly the same way. Also, it’s not necessary to go large! You can achieve as much with a small tumble stone as you could with a very large specimen.

Step 3: Decide where you are buying it from. It may be somewhere local or online and there are advantages to both. Buying locally means it is quickly available and you have the opportunity to see and touch the crystal prior to purchase. A quick online search will give you an idea about who is around locally and what events are scheduled where crystals may be for sale . If they have an online presence, you may be able to check stock before you visit. There are a multitude of online options including Etsy, eBay, FaceBook to name but a few. This is useful when you want to compare different sites, don’t mind waiting or are looking for a specific thing. It is really helpful to take a moment to sense the feeling that you get around the shop (physical or online) before you make any choices. To do this, close your eyes, clear your head, take a breath and ask yourself, is this the place I am happy to buy from or not? Good and not so good vibes will affect the crystal so it is worth taking the time to check.

Different Types Of Quartz Crystals

Step 4: Now that you know what you're looking for, it’s time to make a selection. The simplest and most effective way to pick your perfect crystal is to use your intuition. You will be able to sense what’s right for you very quickly but it can take a while to believe in yourself. Look at the crystal choices and see where your eyes take you - very often, the one you see first is the one you need. That instinctive feeling should be trusted. As you become more tuned in, the attraction becomes even stronger. If you have the crystals in front of you, there is also an opportunity to sense the crystals physically. A good method to start with is to close your eyes, ask for guidance, and hold a hand above the crystals. Spend a few moments sensing the energy of the stones. Allow your hand to scan over the collection - the one you need will create a tingling in the hand or you may feel your hand move towards it. Pick the crystal up and note the sensation. It should feel comfortable and right. If it doesn’t feel good, check its neighbour, you may have accidentally selected the wrong one. If you are looking online, the same process works but instead of picking up the crystal, use intuitive sensing to make that decision. A good way of doing this is to visualise what it would feel like to hold the crystal but then ask the question, “ is this the one I need”? It takes a bit of practice but it is worth the effort.

Step 5: Purchase your selection and get it home. Once it has arrived, always cleanse the crystal before

working with it and give it some time to rest and recharge. I will cover how to do this in future blogs but as a general rule of thumb recharging will take 24 to 48hrs initially - but it could be more. Once it’s ready to roll, take some time to sense the crystal. You already know why you chose the crystal - but why is it really here? The process of finding the perfect crystal is rarely instantaneous and it may take more than one attempt to find what you are looking for. However, once you have set your intent, what you need will find its way to you, sometimes in very unexpected ways. One more thing to say, if you have crystals already, check through your collection using step four. Your perfect crystal may be the one you already have.

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