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Bright & Flashy vs Plain But Sassy

Does flashing the cash make a difference when buying a crystal?

two quartz points

No doubt you will have noticed that I do seem to have a lot of crystals. However, it wasn’t always that way! My collection grew after training as a crystal healer and subsequent teaching of the diploma course where I generally had crystals for sale. However, when I began, money was tight! This meant that it was actually quite a strain acquiring what I felt was necessary. Now almost 20 years later, I work very differently. I do use everything I have but if I was starting now, I would be a lot more relaxed about what was actually needed. Which brings me on to efficacy - does flashing the cash make a crystal more effective? To test this out, I used two crystals, with one costing 10 times the amount of the other. Visually, the more expensive crystal looks more appealing and as you know, sometimes this is why I buy a crystal. However, if I was being practical, I would use different criteria. Specifically, I would want to see;

  • How strong is the energy field?

  • How could I work with it?

  • Is it for me?

In order for this to be a fair test, I chose two crystals that were approximately the same size (about 7 cm long). They had also been with me for some significant time. The two crystals are pictured above and are both quartz. The one on the left would be thought of as clear quartz, from Brazil, with a polished point and would be described as a Dow crystal (channeling and transmitter). The one on the right is a Brandberg crystal (from Namibia) with the characteristic clear quartz, with smoky quartz and amethyst within. It also has a number of record keepers on the main faces and is the most expensive of the two.

The Energy

Measuring the energy of a crystal can be done in number of ways but in this instance I kept it really simple. Firstly, I placed a crystal at one end of a tape measure and asked to see the energy field at the strongest level. I used a dowsing pendulum to initially pick up the energy of the crystal and then, went along the length of the tape measure until the pendulum indicated the edge of the field of energy. At rest (minding it’s own business and not specifically working), the clear quartz radiated energy to 70 cm, whilst the Brandberg was actually 57 cm. When working, the radius expanded to 180 cm for the Brandberg, however, the clear quartz radius expanded to 300 cm! Energetically then, the clear quartz had the most power but practically speaking, it is a pretty close run thing in terms of effectiveness.


Moving on to how the crystal could be worked with. This can be quite tricky to determine, as how a crystal works depends on who uses it. So to pin this down a bit more usefully, I asked specific questions.

  1. Can I work with this to heal myself?

  2. Can I work with this to heal others?

  3. Will it be helpful for meditation?

  4. Can I channel energy with this crystal?

  5. Can I transmit energy with the crystal?

  6. Can I work with this in another way (yet to be determined)?

In both cases the answers were identical, yes to all of the above. So when it comes to working with the crystals , both can be used in exactly the same way.

Is it For Me?

In my case this question needs a bit more definition because not all of the crystals I have are actually for me! They may pass through my hands for another family member, friend, client or student. Furthermore, they may stay for a while and then move on elsewhere. So my questions are always something along the lines of:

  1. Are you coming home with me?

  2. Are you staying or just passing through?

In this instance, both crystals are clearly already in my house and also not moving onwards. However, I included this in the blog because it is really useful to find this out before buying. Especially if money is a bit tight. So, does bright and flashy beat plain and sassy? No it doesn't! You will find that you will always have what you need right now. This may have cost a kings ransom but if it was as cheap as chips, it is just as effective.

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