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Grounding energy- how does this affect you?

Following on from my recent comments about grounding on Facebook, I thought it would be useful to share with you an early draft of one the pages from my upcoming book. Of course, the book will give more depth, but this explains the principles of why I said what I did. See below for extract!


“Some time ago, I was writing a new version of one of my courses about energy healing. This had come about as I was rejigging things after realising that it was time to focus on my own work rather than somebody else’s. Like many other people, I had learned common practices that pretty much everyone had taught. One of these was grounding. Another was bringing the energy down from the universe.


So here I was then, just getting ready to add the foundations to my course work – beginning actually with chakras. I suddenly was shown a picture of something entirely different of how a chakra looked and functioned. This was the starting point of being shown things differently. So much so, that before I wrote something – I had to stop and check, to see if what I had learnt was true. Very often, these things were different and this did help to explain why some things never felt right to me. So back then to grounding! The process I had learnt (in many disciplines) was to:


·       Visualise sending roots from the soles of your feet into the earth  

·       Then bring the energy of the earth into yourself

·       Then visualise connecting upwards into the universe

·       Then bring that energy into the centre


So, what is the effect of that practice? As an example, I currently live in Worcester, where the last battle of the Civil War took place in 1661. This battle involved 42,000 soldiers in a bloody scrap with more than 3,000 dead and many more injured. This left an energetic imprint in the land, and can affect a person’s energy in many ways. All land has experienced something that creates a similar residue depending on where you live.


This is the energy then, that you are bringing into yourself with this grounding technique.


Don’t even get me started on the energy of the universe!  


So, it is more useful to centre your energy in a similar way to martial artists, bringing your  focus to your core”. 

 Will keep you posted on my writing progress and hope to share other extracts in due course!

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