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The Keeper of Knowledge

In my last blog, I mentioned Fumi Finch, who lives and works in Japan. I asked her to write about herself (as she is bilingual) and share her story with you. I really got to know Fumi about 6 years ago when a mutual friend introduced us. She was already well-known in Japan. What was striking about her however, was that the very instant we met I was shown that she had a very important and soul driven role, sybolised by unique knowledge codes carried within her being. In this instance, it indicated a 'Keeper of Knowledge', a person who has a soul level role as a teacher and leader. Fast forward to now, and these symbols are fully ativated, with a light source in her centre and many symbols surrounding it. She has truly stepped into her own role as a Keeper of Knowledge. She has mentioned her music in her story, but she is also a visionary with a real talent for putting things in place to manifest the overall goal of bringing contemporary knowledge of spirituality to her students. Here then, is her story in her own words.

The Story of Our Learning with Collette

I am Fumi Finch from Japan, living on a beautiful tropical island. I finished raising two sons, both of them working on their dream life and also, I am a successful spiritual teacher.

My life used to be a roller coaster where something wonderful happened and the next moment it slid down to awful experience!

When I met Collette Stubbs for the first time I was at the bottom of the world. I had travelled to Greece where I had dreamed of it for a long time, then suddenly I had retinal detachment and spooky respiratory distress so I had to spend the whole week in the hotel room at Athens. I was very lucky to have friends who looked after me and had a laser operation to cure my eye, and could come back to my country as I planned.

After I got home, I rested some days, some weeks, a month, but still I could not move and had difficulty breathing. I knew I was covered by black energy and something very sharp was in my heart. Also, I knew some entities were attacking me. But at that time, I believed the reason why I noticed something like this, which was the energy not "high", was because I was not good or high enough to be with only Divine. So, I felt ashamed, bottom of the bottom.

But finally, I was given the chance to see Collette! She swept all the energy so I felt so great, and she explained lots of things which opened my new eyes to see the new level of the light!

She made me understand that I had one of the skills to notice that which was not helpful, and it was not because my vibration was low. Actually, it is quite a useful skill. Since then, she taught me lots of new information, which was really new, so sometimes I needed the time to process, to integrate and bring the new level of understanding.

Also, when I noticed my students had difficult energy, I recommended Collette's healing and I translated for them so I could observe and learn more about the Light Body. I was just so fascinated by the result of the healing, so I organized workshops of Light Body Healing and Modern Spirituality for my students and me, so we have been able to learn very quickly.

Time flies! It has been 6 years already learning and working with Collette. Of course, every day is the school day, we are learning more and more, enjoying the brand-new experience but my life now is never like an up and down roller coaster.

My students and I are gradually but definitely stepping up, skilfully and also economically. Not only that, surprisingly some talent started to bloom, one of which was " Dragon princess story “written by Collette last week on her blog, the other one is my healing music. I am creating healing music in a very unique way which nobody taught me. Not only that, now we are creating the new school together, this is also a very unique way of cooperation, it is so fun and makes us feel the life which our soul is living on the Earth!

I just want to say to everybody, "Listen to Collette!!!" Maybe she will surprise you a little bit, but believe me. It is so worth it.

Learning is always a two-way process and I have gained so much from working with Fumi and her students. It has been amazing to be part of their journey and incredible to see this unique group of people with very advanced abilities setting their corner of the world on fire. Here’s to the next chapter.

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