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Quick Self-Healing with Summer Flowers

Peony's and other summer flowers

Well today is the day that all English Covid19 restrictions are lifted. We have been building up to this and just beginning to get social again. Whilst it is great to be able to have more freedom, many people have told me how tired they have been since meeting up with people and how emotionally draining this can be. There are lots of reasons why this may be the case, but from a practical point of view, its useful to be able to fix it. So here is a quick & easily achievable technique using summer flowers for self-healing. All flowers radiate energy in the same way as a crystal although it is generally softer and gentler. However, it is also unexpectedly large which is one of the reasons why fresh flowers in the home can be so uplifting. Consciously connecting with the flowers increases the intensity of energy and makes it work for self-healing

How To Do A Quick Self Healing With Summer Flowers

Summer flowers in glass jars
  1. Gather your flowers – these can be shop bought, or picked from your garden. When buying flowers, hold the intent that you are intending initially to work with them for self-healing. If picking your own flowers do the same but also ask for the flower’s permission. If you do this you may notice that one flower seems more prominent than the other and that’s the one you need!

  2. Think about how many you need. This morning I chose six but any number from three onwards is effective. You are going to create a flower grid large enough to sit inside. Have some water in jars or glasses to keep the flowers in good condition. The energy field of a flower is deceptively large so you don’t need many to create an effective grid.

  3. Find somewhere peaceful to be where you can have a bit of time to sit quietly. Arrange the flowers around you, evenly spaced. Consciously connect with the flowers and ask them to help yourself heal. Then, sit for a while and allow this to take place. It may be 10 or 20 mins but if time allows, sit a little longer. You may notice this energy as gentle breeze or a soft warm glow. When its completed, I would thank the flowers for their help so perhaps consider doing this also. Make sure you are fully present in your body following healing.

Summer flowers and amaethyst

After this, place the flowers somewhere in the home where you can see them, mine are by the amethyst in the sitting room.

This is a very quick, easy but surprisingly effective way of self-healing and very useful if you are feeling emotionally frazzled!

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