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Things That Go Bump In The Night & other scary stuff - Part Two, helping children!

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In my orignal blog, I had originally put something about what to do if children see something other worldly but took it out in the published version. A few days later, I happened to have a conversation with someone about the exact same thing, as their very small child had suddenly become distressed in the night and refused to be left by themselves. Now clearly, there are many reasons why children do this but in this instance, Mum felt that the child had seen a spirit within the house and she was right. It is for this reason that I have now a part 2 for this blog!

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Many small children do see things that most adults don’t. It is really helpful to listen to what they say, reassure them and normalise this using age appropriate language. If they are old enough to understand logic and rationalisation, tell them, sometimes these things happen, then ask them if they can tell you what it looks like. Smaller children do really well drawing pictures so ask them if they can draw what they saw. This will give you a good idea of what has happened.

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Often this is enough to reassure the child. Sometimes, they may still feel some worry. There is a very useful thing that you can do with colour that helps to surface and release fear in children - also quite good for adults. Explain to the child that you are going to play a game that helps people to feelbetter when they have been frightened. To do this you need some colour, either finger paints, crayons or pencil in two colours. These are either pale blue and pale pink OR navy blue and orange.

Colour illustration

You also need a sheet of paper with two circles drawn on, one inside the other (see diagram). Then, as quickly as possible, fill in the centre circle with colour one, then the outside circle with the colour two. It does not have to be in the lines! When you have done this, get the other sheet of paper and repeat but swapping the colours around so that the inner circle is now colour two, whilst the outer circle is now colour one. As speed is important, you can do this activity with them so that you can race each other! Strange as it sounds, it really helps and is very useful in pre-school children.

It is always helpful to do a bit of energy healing on the house if something happens and the upstairs crew will be able to help with this. Very occasionally, a specialist may be needed but mostly, things will go away if you (and the upstairs crew) actually ask them to do so.

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