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The Soul, The Monad & You, a 2021 Update!

The inspiration for this blog is from a conversation from a couple of weeks ago with a friend. At the time,

we were working on a soul level and discussing soul energy as it is shown to me now (which in itself, was similar to hers), when she reminded me about something that I had written about in 2012. The piece in question was part of an Ascension Manual which I had updated for a school I was involved with at the time. The model in the 2012 manual was completely different from our 2021 discussion, principally because it was the school’s model and not mine. At that time, the school was using a model which originated from Joshua Stone. In case you are curious, I described and drew this in the following way.

Ascension Diagram based on Joshua Stone

All of life is interconnected by a web of light leading directly back to source. The process of conscious awareness began millions of years ago when source created forms that were able to activate free will. This was achieved by generating an infinite number of sparks of life, each containing the pure energy of source. These sparks are known as the Monad or the ‘I Am’ presence. This is the highest level of individualised identity and the true self. The Monad wanted to experience life in a denser form and so created twelve souls, linked together in a soul group. Each soul contains some of the energy of the Monad but in a denser form. The soul is also known as the higher self or the super-conscious mind. In order to experience life at a denser level each soul created twelve parts of itself. We think of these as the personality or soul extension. All of the twelve parts are able to incarnate as a separate life force. We are each a soul extension connected to our eleven other soul extensions as well as our soul and Monad. In essence this means that we are part of a soul group of twelve as well as a Monad group of one hundred and forty-four. At any one time, the soul may have extensions incarnated in different time zones, in varying places within the universe or resting in the spiritual planes. Within us all is the spark of divinity that connects us to source. Each soul extension has a role to play in advancing spiritual knowledge, contributing to the pool of collective wisdom as they learn. Growth of one beyond a certain point results in ascension of all. In other words, it’s rather like having several football teams with the Monad in overall charge. The soul acts as team manager whilst the soul extensions become the team players. At any one time, players can be resting, playing or training for the next game. Good team work results in promotion which in its simplest form is exactly what ascension is, moving up to the next division.

Joshua Stone made his name by simplifying old spiritual writings. The concept of the Soul & Monad is not new but its difficult to pin down the origins. It may have begun with Leibniz, a Philosopher in the 17th century, who used the word Monad to describe parts of creation that were indivisible. He classified monads into three levels according to the monads ability for understanding actions. He believed that anything with a body (human or animal) had one monad in control of it – often subsequently referred to as the soul. He also thought that God had complete understanding of creation and as such, God’s thoughts generated monads, a constantly creative process.

So, what of 2021? Well, things change and move forward. I left the school (in 2012) to focus on my own work. Almost immediately, the soul was shown to me differently, as a unique and individual form. I am guided that it is important for the soul to be intact rather than split into parts as this maintains strength.. The soul is a spectacularly beautiful creation that is connected to the lightbody as well as an intricate web of light. I would draw it differently now, something like the picture here.

Things work differently from what we may expect which is one of the reasons I create courses (Soul Pathways & Modern Spirituality in this case ) so that people can see for themselves. It is always handy to look again at what we have learnt so far and see if it still applies. Most people can easily intuit what is and isn't true. Just listen to yourslef and see what you know inside.

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