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The Risks of Being A Light Worker!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

The other day, I was re-reading something I had written a while ago (about being a light-worker) which reminded me of the original inspiration, a conversation I had with someone who was heading an organisation that I was a member of. At that time, I had been particularly busy doing some ad-hoc healing, helping members to clear various unhelpful energy that had affected them. The lead member warned me not to talk about the things that I saw — their reason being that the founder of the organisation felt that talking about it drew this to you, whereas if you focussed on positive energy, you would be ok. If you follow me on Facebook you may remember that I wrote something about this some time ago but it needs to repeated once again.

It’s not easy being a light-worker.

Having positive intent is just the beginning.

You need practical skills to manage energy (including that which is unhelpful).

You need courage, determination and a plan of how to mend things if it goes wrong.

You need to know that there are reasons why it goes wrong — and it is often nothing to do with you!

Before I go any further you should know that everything I mention here can be fixed! Know also, that you are assisted by our Brothers and Sisters of Light. As part of my work, I find myself clearing energy fields of all sorts of negative stuff including attachments, negative thought forms, and remnants of other lives. Very often, people feel guilty, believing that it was their fault or they are not at the right vibration. None of this is true. The simple truth of the matter is that not everyone or everything is friendly. Sometimes this affects us in an unhelpful way.This side of energy work is often treated as a taboo subject.

There is a belief that talking about negative energy will attract it to us. This may be true if your name is Harry Potter! For us normal mortals however, it is simply not the case. That understanding is based on ancient beliefs. It is much more useful to be practical and have a working knowledge of the reality of energy. Personally speaking, the way I am shown the human energy field is very different from what you will normally see it described as. It is the most amazing creation of light with a specific form that contains your lightbody. This energy should be intact, connected and vibrant. Problems occur if this energy is damaged. This is very common as knocks and dints in the energy field are an occupational hazard of living. As a basic rule of thumb, people experience energy problems for three separate reasons.

  1. There is something wrong with their own energy field

  2. Someone else’s energy is affecting them

  3. There is a problem with the space where they work or live

If we leave aside spaces for the moment, the commonest cause of damage to the lightbody is caused by relationships with others. Energy exchanges happen between people whenever they create a relationship of any kind. Cords of energy grow from one person to another. If you work with other people you may notice that some drain your energy and you feel exhausted when they have left. This is often because the cords remain and energy passes from one person to another. This usually results in an imbalance, as one person losing their energy whilst the other gains energy. Long term relationships mean deeper cords. These should dissolve if the relationship ends. However, sometimes there is unfinished business and the cords remain, making it difficult to move on. A similar thing can happen in families. Damage can also occur as a result of a traumatic event. This may be during this life or other life experiences. If unresolved, this can leave an energetic imprint in your lightbody. The effect of this varies depending on the cause. If there has been a deep trauma, it can wound the energy field or create an obstruction to the flow of light. Often the first symptom of this is a deep seated fear which gets stronger as you increase your spiritual activity. This will be made even more prominent if you have been persecuted for this type of work in other lifetimes. It will be very noticeable if you have lived through Atlantis. Moving on, let’s take a look at what is commonly called psychic attack but more accurately should be called negative energy caused by negative intent. This is the thing that people worry about most of all. Thoughts that we have about ourselves and other people have an energetic form. If they are habitually unhelpful, they will take on a heavier form, creating dark, dense energy. Directing hatred, strong dislike or anger at another person results in a sharp energetic mass. This can actually enter an energy field, causing damage to its structure. Most of the time, this form of energetic attack occurs unintentionally. However, sometimes it can be more deliberate. This may be because a person is jealous of another, wishes them harm or wants what they have.

Working with energy is not a neutral occupation. Neither is it all fluffy! As a basic working premise, when undertaking any sort of energy work involving other people, you should aim to keep your energy and not gain theirs. Practically speaking, this means taking some active steps. Take some time to know how your energy usually feels. This helps you to be aware of energetic imbalances quickly should they happen.

  • Trust yourself. If something or somebody feels energetically wrong to you, then pay attention to that feeling. Either avoid this situation or actively protect your energy before taking part.

  • If you are consciously working with energy, take steps to protect yours. Always be contemporary in what you do, you need the 2021 version right now, but this is subject to change as you grow and move on.

  • If you are an energy healer, as well as having a working knowledge of how to clear and protect your energy field, it is useful to know how to clear up the aftermath of healing and how your energy can affect others.

  • If your healing involves clearing other people’s energy fields (or teaching others how to be energy healers) you will need to have a high level working knowledge of potential issues and develop safe working practices to manage these.

You may wonder why this is important — it’s important because, all of the things mentioned above damage your energy field which makes it weaker. This is not helpful and in some cases it can be debilitating. It is very common to have a degree of fear when looking at things that can go awry. If you find yourself being unnerved, observe that feeling, keep observing… now chuck it out and get on with solving the problem in hand! Always adopt a practical approach, ask the upstairs crew for help, tune in and find out what is wrong. Then decide if you can deal with this yourself. Very often you can, sometimes you will need help. It is a very normal thing to have adverse energies to deal with as this is simply part of being in a physical incarnation. As I said previously, knocks and dints in the energy field are an occupational hazard of living. Some hazard management skills are all that is needed to get everything up and running again.

© Collette Stubbs 2021, all rights reserved

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