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The Resonance of Your Name

This week I happened to have been working with someone who had changed the first name that they were known by to something else — a name given to them by an old teacher. The reason given for the name change was that this was their spiritual name and as they were on the spiritual path, this was the name they should use.

Graphic with Your Name has a unique resonance

As I mentioned before, I see things differently. This was not intentional, it just is, as it is. One of the things I saw very early on was that the names given to our spiritual helpers could create something different, could link to things that were not real and were not what they would call themselves. So the moment I work with someone who has altered their first name, I look at what this has created. In this case, I saw that the name they now used had links to their old teacher, and a very unhelpful energy. It had the effect of limiting vision and perspective which changed what they felt they could do by themselves. It wasn’t even a name that they liked.The resonance of their own name was completely different. As it was spoken it created a beautiful waterfall of light, full of the most amazing things. Now I should say, it took quite a bit of energetic healing to be free of the energy created by a name that wasn’t theirs. At the time of writing, they are using their own name for the first time in many years.I should be clear that I am not talking about last names here - I am now on my 3rd version (two marriages) and whilst this has an effect, it is much more easily managed. The last name carries the influences of family and the marriage itself so is therefore tangible.

Oscar Wilde Quote

So back to the matter in hand. Energetically, if I wanted to call myself Farie-Trixabelle-Tullula-Flowerpot, I could, with no ill effects. Providing it was my own choice and made with my own, unimpeded vision. Admittedly, it would have a different resonance from Collette but I would still be there at the centre! The problem lies with other peoples suggestions about what you should call yourself. A general rule of thumb should be; always check if this feels right to you. If you have changed or are thinking of changing your name you can quickly visualise how this is (or will) work out.

Tune into the name.

  • If it had a colour, what would it be?

  • If it had a shape, how would it look?

  • If there were a feeling associated with the name, what would that be?

  • Take a moment to notice how it feels to you.

  • Consider if you like what you find. If so, stick with it, if not, choose something else.

You are free to be whoever you want to be, so make up your own mind about your name. You know yourself much better than anybody else ever could.

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