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The Inter-Dimensional Angels of Light

Updated: Sep 14

Angel of Light

Angel of Light
Original Illustration of Angel of Light

My own experiences with angelic beings began some years ago. It happened as I was about to begin a crystal healing treatment. I became aware of something that looked exactly as I would expect an angel to be, standing just behind my client, looking straight back at me. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised as I had in fact, asked for the clients’ angel to be present. To be frank though, I didn’t actually expect them to turn up! That was 20 years ago and like many of you, I have had other angelic encounters over the years and studied this extensively. Things have changed a lot over that period of time. Because of the work I do, I had been seeing inter-dimensional guides and keepers of light for some time. I wondered if there was more to know about angels at this level. I discovered there was a whole new team of amazingly pure angelic beings on the inter-dimensional planes. I first wrote about this around 2015 but I am being asked to remind everyone about these beings once again.

Angel of Light

What they said about themselves is that they were here to help all of us. They told me that they were here in huge numbers. At the time there was an exacerbation in the war between Israel & Palestine and they were using their light to help this situation. I subsequently saw others that were helping with particular things. These included an inter-dimensional angel of light for the heart (helping with the cosmic heart connection) and for the soul (helping with soul repair).

They also told me that in this inter-dimensional form, things do not have a name and did not actually call themselves angels. This is because an energy is identified by its shape and form so a name is unnecessary. To make things simpler for us however, they are collectively responding to the call for 'inter-dimensional angels of light'.

Now this is a name that does not readily trip of the tongue. However, its energy signature is correct for these beings. Once you make the connection, you can ask them to give you a name to know them by. These light beings are working through our multidimensional energy field. The connection is via the heart, working through the cosmic heart centre of the lightbody. In view of this connection, it can be an emotional experience. It is helpful to support the cosmic heart when you are working in this way.If you are inspired to work with these beings you will be bringing a great light into your work particualrly when you are working with helping the planet or humanity. We are stepping it up a notch, working at a high inter-dimensional level. I should emphasise right now that this is entirely different from working with the angels that we know so far. When you tune in to this energy you will notice an incredible feeling of pure light and amazing love. It has a clear, bright vibration. Despite this, the process of working with these beings is very straightforward. Initially it is by a very simple request for help. It is wise to take sensible measures to protect your energy while you are working in this way. There are very many ways to protect energy but it should allow you to work in a multi-dimensional space. We used this process in the original webinar and it is a good way to begin to protect your energy at this level. You will develop diferent ways over time..

  • Centre your energy and breath light.

  • Imagine this as a violet light.

  • Visualise a spiral of light around yourself and notice it gradually beginning to spin.

  • When you are completely surrounded by this, you are ready to begin.

If you are working more intensively you will need to think about developing some additional strengths. As ever, follow your guidance and you will know what you need to do.

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