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The Crystal Key


As many of you know by now, I do a monthly reading on Facebook using crystals that I am shown will help with the energy of the upcoming month. I do this because I am guided to do so. It has been part of my journey to be shown things are very different to how I expected them to be – in other words the training across many different complementary therapies led me to believe that things were one way, whereas what I actually see and hear is totally different. Energy is very dynamic and is influenced by lots of diverse things. This results in different issues becoming a priority at different times. This is why I was guided to do a monthly spot, trusting that those who may find it useful would see it, and those who it wasn’t relevant to at that time would simply pass it by.

Which brings me to the point of this piece of writing. In February ‘23 the choices of crystals included Malachite and Chrysocolla, Dolomite and a Brandberg Quartz. Another Malachite had actually come up for me in a fabulous ‘Stream of Consciousness’ reading which I had received from Michelle Marie McGrath a few days earlier (see details on her website However, this particular Malachite crystal was working differently, helping the energy of whoever chose it that month in a precise way. Crystal energy is also very dynamic which is why a crystal will show different things at different times.

The third crystal in the group was Brandberg Quartz. It was this part of the reading that I had promised to elaborate on. At that time, this particular crystal was acting as key - connecting to an ancient knowledge by unlocking an energetic pathway. It is easier to explain if I recap on what I saw at the time! On the morning of the 1st of February as I held this crystal, I was instantly shown a group of very ancient indigenous Aboriginal Elders standing on their land. As I looked, I could see other groups of indigenous peoples of similar ancientness, in separate continents, all linked by a particular pathway. They were acting as Keepers of Wisdom in their particular part of the world. The vision then changed and I was shown myself placing the palm of my hand, facing downwards a few centimetres above the land. This immediately created a coppery orange form between my palm and the ground. This acted as a key, linking to a gateway connecting to knowledge shared with these Keepers of Wisdom. I was shown that those who had selected this particular crystal, had a different key, unique to them, which would unlock the wisdom of these ancient partners that were associated with the land where they lived. The activation for this was to intentionally connect with the land in the same way that I had done. The purpose of this was to assist those people with their particular work by recalling ancient wisdoms. This could only be activated if the person carried this knowledge at a soul level.

I had intended to publish this in February because as I said before, energy is dynamic. The crystals work in the way given during that particular month and then they rest as this precise work is completed. Sadly, this means that it too late to go back and choose this crystal now! However, for those who did choose that individual crystal in February, that key is yours, ready to be activated when you need it. If you want to take part in these readings in future, you can find these on my Facebook page (Collette Stubbs, Modern Spirit) where you will have the option to choose the crystals calling you each month and see what their purpose is when the reading is published.

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