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The 21st Century, Soul Empowered You

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Woman slooking over mountains

It just so happens that I have been having some conversations with people who either wanted to raise their vibration or live in a higher dimension of being. The reason they were discussing this is that they wanted to be better at doing their spiritual work. Now I don’t know about you but I remember experiencing very similar feelings in the past. As I reflected on this, I was taken back to a time somewhere around 2011. Then, like many of you, I had thrown everything but the kitchen sink at learning about spirituality. There had been professional level courses in Crystal & Colour Healing, Flower & Vibrational Essences, Reiki, Angel Therapy, Ascension and many, many more. None of them however, equated to the reality of what I saw! I had started to see energy sometime around 1999, firstly around people, then around places and other dimensions. How it looked and how things were was vastly different from how I expected it to be. Now, if I am completely honest, I thought this was a little odd! So bravely, I decided it was wiser to keep this to myself. This as it turns out, is harder than you might think! Eventually, I learnt that what I am is good enough. I began speaking up and saying “Are you sure it’s this way? What if you were to look again?” What prompted this was a strong sense of responsibility. I felt that if people came my way, then it was because they needed my input. As I began to trust myself (and the upstairs crew) more, I decided to teach what I knew. Which brings me to the point of this blog,

If you have done some of my courses, this is a reminder, otherwise I am describing energy as it is shown to me. We live in an amazing world with much to learn and discover. However, this is nothing when compared to the world of light that interconnects all forms. If you were able to observe your energy without any expectations, you would see its reality. It is not what you would think. It does not look like people describe it in the text books – or how I was taught it should be. Sometimes these energy pathways get blocked and this will need some work to clear it. However, even if this was the case, it does not change your true nature. You are so much more than you would imagine. If you were to consider this in ascension terminology, it would mean that you were already a fully ascended being currently living in a human form. If instead, we use the description as given to me (by the upstairs crew), you came into being with knowledge and skills gained over many lifetimes. You carry this within your lightbody, the radiant field of light which contains everything you have ever been in all dimensions of time and space. Within this lightbody are the links to the soul itself. The formation of the lightbody is not controlled by free will, it simply is as it is. As I am shown it, the concepts of ascension as commonly written about can cause some issues. Especially when you are advised that if you do a certain something, it will raise your energy vibe. This is about as useful as setting out to redesign the Earth in such a way as to fit it into a cube. Now, it probably could be done. But to do so will actually restrict the shape and form of the Earth, which in turn reduces energy flow, and this limits possibilities. Far better then to leave it alone, let it do its thing and so too with you.

Remember who you are

As soon as you go against your natural ways of being by stepping into someone elses box, you create disharmony. The minute you step out of the box, know that you can just be what you are and do your own thing, you create harmony. You are a fully realised, amazingly knowledgeable, multidimensional being. Whatever you have chosen to do with your life, the reality of what you are is the same. It does not rely on you having to do anything other than be yourself. Your 21st century spirituality is all about you being yourself and remembering the reality of you.


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